What is mobile Dustless Blasting?

We Travel to you and can strip paint, rust, and many other types of build up! We use water with our abrasive to help control the dust, it also keeps the metal cool and keeps it from warping!

Where can dustless blasting be performed?

Dustless blasting can be performed virtually anywhere!! We come to you! 

What Kind of abrasive is used?

We use 100% recycled glass media. Crushed glass is approved for use in numerous federal and state goverment agencies and military.

Why doesnt the water used with blasting cause my metal to rust?

The rust inhibitor we use will prevent flash rusting for 72 hours! 

How long does it take to strip a car?

In about 2-3 hours we can completely strip a car of all its paint!

Water vapor is released into the air so where does the abrasive go?

The abrasive settles to the ground and can be easily disposed of after the blasting is finished!