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Soda Blasting


  • No damage caused to substrates.
  • Can also clean soft substrates like plastics, fiberglass, glass, wood, and carbon fiber, without causing damage.
  • Deodorizes along with cleaning.
  • Forms a rust-inhibiting protective coating on metals.
  • Cleans and removes paint/contaminant in a single step.
  • Operation does not harm surrounding surfaces/equipment.
  • Not harmful when ingested or touched.
  • Soda is water-soluble, hence, the surface can be cleaned with water, reducing cleanup cost.
  • Does not clog narrow spaces/passageways in machine parts.
  • Neutralizes sewage when blast waste washout is released into sewer, hence, environment-friendly.
  • Exposes cracks on working surface.
  • Operation does not produce heat that may cause metal warping.